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About Us

Montessori of Brea follows the original Montessori method of education and only uses materials developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. Montessori of Brea is a multi-age, multi-grade Primary & Elementary school for ages 2-7 years. We follow the traditional Montessori system of education where children of mixed ages work together in the classroom doing age-appropriate activities. 

At Montessori of Brea, we pride ourselves as having an unparalleled environment for learning. We have teachers with decades of experience and a school that has been in operation for over 40 years.


The Montessori classroom attracts the child to explore, learn and develop a sense of order and discipline. The multi-age classrooms allow the students to learn from and help one another. The children quickly develop self-esteem rather than foster competition among each other.



We pride ourselves with having:


  • Qualified Montessori Teachers

  • Traditional multi-age classrooms

  • Individualized instruction

  • Phonetic Reading & Writing

  • Practical Life & Sensorial activities

  • Math, Geography, Science

  • Foreign Language

  • Dance, Gymnastics, Sports, Martial Arts, Piano & Violin Lessons (Optional after school)

  • First Aid & CPR certified staff



Montessori of Brea makes special accommodations for children with special dietary needs, and kids with food allergies and dietary restrictions.


Lessons in Spanish are offered at preschool level and continue through the elementary years. Students acquire a vocabulary of commonly used words and will develop those into conversational phrases at the elementary level.


We offer a variety of fun classes for our after-school program. These are optional classes conducted  on site by outside services. We have Dance classes, Gymnastics, Sports Fitness, Art classes, as well as Music. We occasionally offer Cooking classes for Primary & Elementary kids.

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